Picture Restore Utility Mac


JPEE Email Utility (Mac OS X)  v.5.4.7

A custom e-mail merge, email extractor, email verifier, data parser and all in one affordable email utility.

XPort 360  v.2.0

XPort 360 is a backup and restore utility for the Xbox 360. It allows you to navigate the file directory of the Xbox 360 memory units. The console uses both a hard drive and memory cards to store important information. Xport 360 can access both.


COMODO Time Machine  v.2.8.155286.178

Comodo Time Machine is a great system restore utility to rollback Windows systems to a specific time in the past.

IDrive  v.3. 4. 2001

This program is a secure backup and restore utility. IDrive can make the automatic backup of files and folders on your computer and also can be scheduled for backups, when your system is idle.

Skype Exporter  v.1.0.1

Skype Exporter is a Skype Backup/Restore utility with the ability to export contacts and calls list.

Backup Folder Sync  v.

Backup Folder Sync is a fast easy to use backup & Restore utility designed to mirror your selected backup folders.

Flash Banner Maker for Mac  v.1.00

Flash Banner Maker for Mac is a free but practical online banner tool for Mac, which helps to create animated and attractive banners on your Macintosh.

Quick Restore Maker  v.2

Create a System Restore Point in 1-click with Quick Restore Maker, Quick Restore Maker is a smart 1-click freeware app for creating a System Restore Point in Windows 7 & Vista.Normally, to create a system restore point, you have to,

ViewNX for Mac OS X  v.2.7.2

ViewNX 2 provides a range of easy-to-use, enjoyable features that the ordinary software supplied with a PC's OS cannot offer.

Nikon ViewNX  v.2.3.2

ViewNX is a utility application for viewing, rating, and organizing images. ViewNX is an easy tool to view JPEG, TIFF and NEF files, and edit or convert NEF/RAW files.

The MacOS 9 Compatibility Checker  v.1.0.2

The MacOS File Manager checks to see if your programs are compatible with MacOS 9's File Manager by examining the PowerPC code from within the program.

WinMate  v.0.9.15

WinMate offers free utility tools to optimize Windows system settings, repair errors and clean useless files. By using it, you can speed up computer, fix slow startup, protect online privacy and prevent computer from freezing and crashing.

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